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Conservatories in Milton Keynes

If you are looking for conservatories in Milton Keynes then we can offer you a stunning range of designs.

From contemporary conservatories to traditional conservatories such as the Victorian Edwardian and Gable, we have the right style for your property.

Our energy efficient conservatories will suit a wide range homes as well as budgets.

Why not browse through our styles online? Our conservatory quote calculator will provide you with an instant conservatory price.

Calculate the £ of your conservatory and use our conservatory quoting engine today.

Conservatories in Milton Keynes: The Lean-To Conservatory


We can provide you with quality lean-to conservatories in Milton Keynes.  These contemporary conservatories are suited to a wide range of properties.

Those who are after an understated look will inevitably find themselves drawn towards the lean-to conservatory.

A fantastic long term investment, the lean-to will add value to your property making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Our lean-to conservatories will provide you with all the advantages of extra space but at no high cost. If you are looking for a simply, unfussy structure then this conservatory style is ideal.

Lean-to Conservatory: Style & Shape

The lean-to conservatory is rectangular in shape and features a flat roof. This roof design means this conservatory can easily be adapted to fit into awkward spaces – without compromising your property’s aesthetics.

This roof design is also less expensive to build when compared pitched or flat roof designs.

Limited for space? The lean-to conservatory is a popular style for small homes. Properties with low eaves such as bungalows and cottages can benefit from the lean-to design.

Our lean-to conservatories are also ideal for period terraces. This conservatory will ensure you are not restricted for space. If you have a Victorian or Edwardian terraced house then our lean-to conservatories can be made to extend into your garden.

Why Choose The Lean-to Conservatory?

  • Versatile. This build has a wide range of uses and can be converted into a small office or even a dining area. The base and roof also offer great versatility. Options for the base include dwarf walls, full height glass panels or UPVC panels at the foot of the conservatory.
  • Low Maintenance. UPVC lean-to conservatories are extremely low maintenance. They will last for many years and will never rot or warp. We offer a range of efficient glazing options which allows you to keep you conservatory clean, warm and secure.

Conservatories in Milton Keynes: The Edwardian Conservatory

Our Edwardian conservatories are perfect for the inclusion of furniture and other decorations. This conservatory will look great amidst Edwardian style properties but its classic style will make a great addition to any property.

Edwardian Conservatory: Style & Shape

Our Edwardian conservatories feature a flat fronted wall design. Square or rectangular in shape, they provide you with a generous floor space. This simple yet classic design combines symmetrical shapes with delicate finishing touches.

Our Edwardian conservatories are beautifully understated. Its timeless aesthetics ensure you will enjoy this conservatory for many years to come.

Why Choose The Edwardian Conservatory?

  • Maximises Space. It’s symmetrical style allows you to utilise all available space as well as create the illusion of more space.
  • Vaulted Roof Effect. Its pitched glass roof creates a vaulted effect which lets in more light.

Conservatories in Milton Keynes: The Victorian Conservatory

Eyes are always drawn to the traditional Victorian conservatory and especially those who admire elegant styles.

Our Victorian conservatories will enhance period properties beautifully as well as placing a classic touch on modern homes.

This style of conservatory can be adapted for a range of properties and is ideal for homes with small gardens.

 Victorian Conservatory: Style & Shape

This conservatory is octagonal in shape which makes it the perfect fit for small gardens. It won’t detract attention from your garden and will allow for additional pathway space.  Its unique design offers a panoramic view of your garden, a benefit for those garden lovers out there.

This multi-faceted design usually has three or five facets – perhaps its most recognisable characteristic. Its roof can either be bell-shaped or high pitched. Ornamental ridges and finials decorate the roof – reminiscent of Victorian architecture.

Why Choose The Victorian Conservatory?

  • Will blend seamlessly with your garden and offers you a wonderful view
  • Suited to a range of properties

Conservatories in Milton Keynes: The Gable Conservatory

Our gable conservatories are certainly grand in appearance. This style is influenced by the powerful architecture of the Georgian period.

This design has been incorporated into many stately homes in the UK and now this style has been downsized to suit the majority of period style properties.

The Gable Conservatory: Style & Shape

The Gable conservatory features a vertical front and steeply pitched roof. This style can either be plain and contemporary looking or ornate detail can be incorporated the roof to make it look more traditional. The roof design provides generous ceiling height, creating a light and open space.

Why Choose The Gable Conservatory?

  •  Value. A gable conservatory will add value to your property, enhancing its traditional aspect.
  • Versatile. This style provides generous amount of floor space and can be used to a number of different applications.

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