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uPVC sliding sash windows available at the most competitive online prices for supply and fit in Milton Keynes. Our sliding sash windows are carefully manufactured from the highest quality materials, to offer high levels of energy efficiency and security. Combine traditional aesthetics with modern double glazing performance. Aspire Windows offer beautiful sliding sash windows that will add an air of elegance to any home. These attractive windows are ideal for rejuvenating older homes whilst maintaining a traditional look or adding a touch of sophistication to newer properties. No matter the style of property uPVC sash windows are an ideal solution. We offer our supply and fit service for sliding sash windows in Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable, neighbouring Buckinghamshire towns. Aspire Windows are prepared to travel further for certain projects, judged on an individual merit. To find out if we operate in your area, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Design

Vertical Sliding Sash Windows Milton Keynes

Colour to Match

Whilst upholding the classic appearance of traditional timber sash windows, our uPVC sliding sash windows will work equally well in contemporary properties. Available in an extensive range of RAL colours, to ensure it matches your home perfectly.

uPVC Vertical Sliding Windows Milton Keynes

Incredible Benefits

These high performance windows offer energy efficiency, noise reduction and high-security. Added to the charm and elegance of the classic design, it is no wonder that our uPVC sash windows are so popular with homeowners in Milton Keynes.

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Milton Keynes

Modern Designs

Our sliding sash windows are based on the attractive design of traditional sliding sash windows. However they not only offer the beauty of times gone by, but also provide homeowners with the incredible performance of modern uPVC double glazing.


Traditional Looks, Modern Design

Over time, the functionality of timber sash windows often diminishes quickly. Although virtually indistinguishable from traditional wooden sash windows, our modern uPVC sash windows will maintain a smooth and effortless operation thanks to advanced technology. Moreover, the ingenious design of the integral gearing mechanism enables the sashes to also tilt open. This allows for secure ventilation for ground floor apertures, as well as easy access for cleaning, a feature that no previous counterpart could claim.


Made from incredibly strong uPVC, our sliding sash windows come with an anti-jemmy security bar to protect your home, loved-ones and belongings from any unwanted visitors. Multipoint locking mechanisms come as standard and complete the protection.

Energy Efficiency

The intelligent design of the uPVC profile results in an impressive level of thermal efficiency. The frames are broken into multiple chambers which trap air inside, creating a barrier to prevent the transfer of heat.

They also come with triple brush seals to keep out those unwanted drafts and maintain your home’s warm environment. Our sliding sash windows are fitted with thermally focused glass, and achieve a high Windows Energy Rating.

These advanced technologies culminate to increase the heat retention of your home. This allows you to use less energy to heat your property. Choosing our sliding sash windows helps you save money in your pocket as well as the environment.

Long Life Span

The fact that we use a combination of modern building materials as opposed to wood ensures our sliding windows last for years to come. Traditional timber sash windows were associated with many common problems and required regular upkeep.

Warping and rotting, wooden windows would soon become ineffective at retaining any heat due to the gaps that draughts can get through. The extreme durability of uPVC means that our sliding sash windows will last for years without the need for repair.

Sliding Sash Windows Milton Keynes

They are the perfect combination of old and new; classic design combined with modern technology, to create the ultimate in uPVC window style and practicality. The great thing about uPVC sliding sash windows is you can benefit from all the advantages that uPVC double glazing provides without having to compromise the integrity of your home’s style.

Outstanding Customer Service

Here at Aspire Windows, we are committed to going the extra mile for all of our customers. We pride ourselves in the truly tailored service that we provide each and every customer. Each product that we install is precision engineered to your exact specification to ensure a perfect fit and long lasting quality.  

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Prices Milton Keynes

Aspire Windows use sophisticated and advanced software to allow users to generate instant online double glazing quotes in just two minutes. Once received, you’ll be able to review your quote at any time.  Visit our online quoting engine now!

If you would like further information regarding our range of sliding sash windows please do not hesitate to contact us. Either send us an email via our contact form or call on 01908 366621.


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