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We have an exciting announcement for anyone tempted by Aluminium Bi-Fold doors this summer. It is now possible for all of our customers throughout Milton Keynes and neighbouring Buckinghamshire towns to get a free online quote for Aluminium Bifold doors!



A recent upgrade to our online quote engine, we are amongst the first home improvement company’s around Milton Keynes to offer this service.

This month, we take an in-depth look at our aluminium bi-folding doors to find out why more and more people are choosing them over plastic alternatives.

Asides from the ability to generate free online quotes for aluminium bifold doors, why should you choose Aspire Windows to supply and to your Milton Keynes home?

In a market where everyone is promising low prices and quality work, why pick Aspire Windows for your new set of aluminium bi-fold doors?

For starters, we have over twenty years in supplying and fitting aluminium bi-fold doors throughout Milton Keynes and surrounding Buckinghamshire towns. We have built our company on customer satisfaction and quality of the product.

We will always go the extra mile for our customers, providing a full and comprehensive service.

Choose a company who are there for your every need, a company who are always just a phone call away. Work with Aspire Windows and get complete product support from Milton Keynes leading home improvement specialist.

Throughout our twenty years in the business, our work has taken us all over the UK. We specialise in supplying and installing a diverse range of windows, doors and conservatories to both the commercial and domestic sector.

By prioritising customer service and doing our utmost to keep our prices as competitive as possible we have grown from strength to strength.


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Design

Aluminium bi-fold doors boast a completely unique design, completely customisable and available in a range of leaf options and attractive RAL colours.

Relax and enjoy panoramic views of your little slice of Milton Keynes from the comfort of your living room.

The slim sightlines of the aluminium bi-fold door maximise the natural light entering your home.

On top of this, the huge panes of glass used in the aluminium bi-fold door minimise your properties energy consumption and help to harness solar energy.


Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Security

As home improvement specialists, we have a responsibility and commitment to safeguard your home. All of our products are manufactured and designed with security as our primary focus.

To ensure your aluminium bi-fold doors are as secure as possible, we follow these three simple steps.

Stainless Steel Locks – Firstly, we fit stainless steel locks to all of our aluminium bi-fold doors. These locks are forged from the highest quality steel. Plus, our locks have been designed and redesigned to maximise their strength and performance. Ensuring they retain their exceptional strength and reliability year after year.

Design and Materials – Aluminium itself is an incredible material. Lightweight yet extremely robust, one of the most workable materials, perfect for home improvements. We only use aluminium that has been specially treated to withstand against harmful and corrosive weather conditions.


Us – Now this may sound a little egotistic, but please stay with us. We have been in the industry for over twenty years, and pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our work.

If you have any questions regarding security, please ask any team member working at your home. We are more than happy to give you a full working demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, of ever inflating energy prices, it’s more important than ever before to choose home improvement products that work with your home to save you money on your energy bills.

We install thermally efficient and specially strengthened glass to achieve minimal heat transfer from your house and the outside world.

Research carried out by the National Insulation Association has proven that ill fitted and poor quality doors are responsible for up to a total of 20% of the total energy waste of your home!


Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Milton Keynes

If you feel that our aluminium bi-fold doors would be perfect for your home in Milton Keynes, why not start your free online quote? The process is fast and straightforward, much like obtaining a quote for plastic windows and doors.

Visit the quote section of our website, choose the style of aluminium bifold door you’re most interested in and click go.

Aspire Windows – Milton Keynes premium supplier and fitter of aluminium bi-folding doors.

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