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Garage conversions are a superb way of expanding your Slough home without building a new space. While we usually use garages just for storing vehicles, it’s clear that the need for this has lessened over time. Therefore, many garages, including maybe yours, lie empty and waiting to be transformed.

With a garage conversion, you can do just that. Garages are perfect spaces to convert into a separate room for just about anything you want. If you wish to install a new living space or a place to relax and unwind, then garages offer a flexible area that allows you to take total control over it.

With WIS, you can work with a supplier and installer that’ll go the extra mile. We’ve been installing garage conversions in Slough and the surrounding areas for over 20 years now. We’re a Checkatrade-approved installer too, and we try to meet our reputation in all of our installations.

That way, you can convert your garage with peace of mind when you work with us. Not only that, but our limitless range of windows, doors and other features can allow you to turn your garage into a unique space. That way, your new garage conversion can reflect your personality and your passions.


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Benefits of Garage Conversions

For a start, garage conversions can be much cheaper to install than a brand new extension. Instead of building an entirely new structure, you can work within your current one. Not only that, but extensions and garages have somewhat similar shapes, meaning you can have the same level of flexibility.

As well as that, you can still benefit from the increased space. Garage conversions can add a dream room to your Slough home, that you can turn into just about anything. If your garage already connects to your home, then you can extend your living space outward, creating more room for your family to enjoy.

Alternatively, if you have a separate garage, then you can turn it into a secluded space for relaxation. You can fit your garage with windows and doors that let more light into the room as well as warmth. Our range comes with advanced double glazing as standard too, meaning you’ll get brilliant insulation and privacy.

You can customise your new garage with a whole host of window and door styles too. If you want a sturdy space to do work in, then a composite door could be perfect. Alternatively, our sliding sash windows and bi-fold doors allow vast amounts of space to fill your new room, making it open and welcoming for everybody.

Finally, one massive benefit of a garage conversion is that you won’t have to pay any council tax. If you build a new extension, you may be charged for this as you’ll be creating a new structure. However, you’ll merely be repurposing a pre-existing space in your Slough home with our garage conversions.

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Garage Conversion Ideas

Garages often have squared off structures that are brilliant for storing vehicles. However, this design gives you incredible space and flexibility for garage conversions. Because of this, you can add windows, doors and other accessories to your garage to make it bright, warm and ideal for any purpose.

For example, your garage conversion could be perfect as a new space for relaxation. You could install sofas, carpets, and other furniture to create a calm environment. But that’s not all: because garages use solid walls, you can use them to connect your space to your existing electricity and plumbing.

Because of this, you could install a new TV or even an entirely new kitchen. That way, you can create an open living area for the whole family, or as a separate space. If your garage is already an independent structure, you could transform it into a home office or a study too.

No matter your ideas, we at Aspire Windows will work with you to achieve them. Our windows and doors all meet the highest possible performance standards. Because of this, you can also benefit from a space that stays warm without needing your central heating. That way, you could even save money on household bills with a garage conversion.

Install Garage Conversions with WIS

With WIS, you can convert your garage into the space of your dreams. When it comes to our garage conversions, you’ll be in total control of the process. Our installers work around your schedule and fit all of your new additions precisely.

You’ll also benefit from our market-leading products, that insulate your home and keep it secure as well. That way, you can have peace of mind that you’ll make a brilliant investment in your new garage conversion.garage conversions prices slough

Garage Conversions Prices Slough

At WIS, our garage conversions can genuinely transform your Slough home. Talk to us today about turning a forgotten space into the focal point of your property.

You can use our garage conversions quote builder free of charge. This interactive tool puts all the options at your fingertips, allowing you to design a dream space. Then, you’ll get an instant, no-obligation quote.

Alternatively, you can use our online contact form to ask us about any step of the process.

Also, why not call us today at 01908 366 621? At WIS, we’re excited to help install garage conversions that you’ll adore in your Slough home.

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